Scrap Metal Prices UK

Scrap Metal Prices UK

Welcome to scrap metal prices UK. We are providing scrap metal prices UK, we are going to cover each city of United Kingdom with trending rates or price of metal on daily basis. Whether you make some extra cash from your discarded or useless materials.  Stay informed about market’s new trends.

All categories mentioned above with sub categories that provides vast knowledge of scrap recycling  and scrap metals prices UK. Our professional team also help to those people that not know the actual prices of scrap and seeking for help from experts.

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Today Scrap Metal Prices UK

We are providing UK’s scrap metals prices data as promised. The given data has been collected from different UK scrap yards. All scrap yards have not the same prices, many factors are involved like as, location (distance from scrap yard to recycling center). Demand of scrap can be different in all cities of UK. Demand always affects the prices of scrap metal in the UK.

The prices of all non-ferrous metals given in the table: –

Non Ferrous Metals



Bare Bright Copper£ 4.26 – 4.56 Per Kg
Copper Tank£ 3.46 – 3.79 Per Kg
Copper 1£ 3.70 – 4.05 Per Kg
Copper 2£ 3.46 – 3.82 Per Kg
Mix Copper£ 2.37 – 2.55 Per Kg
Braziery Copper£ 2.99 – 3.29 Per Kg
Copper Cable£ 1.65 – 1.71 Per Kg
Copper Wire£ 1.68 – 1.74 Per Kg
Copper Pipe£ 2.82 – 2.90 Per Kg
Insulated Wire 1£ 1.71 – 1.93 Per Kg
Insulated Wire 2£ 1.29 – 1.41 Per Kg
Aluminium Extruded£ 0.87 – 0.96 Per Kg
Aluminium Cast£ 0.53 – 0.59 Per Kg
Aluminium Turnings£ 0.22 – 0.25 Per Kg
Mix Aluminium£ 0.19 – 0.23 Per Kg
Clean Brass£ 2.39 – 2.62 Per Kg
Mix Brass£ 2.00 – 2.18 Per Kg
Brass Cutts£ 1.76 – 1.88 Per Kg
Brass Rod£ 1.75 – 1.88 Per Kg
Bronze Bearings£ 3.22 – 3.29 Per Kg
Bronze Pipe£ 3.25 – 3.32 Per Kg
Bronze Valve£ 3.23 – 3.27 Per Kg
Lead Battery£ 0.44 – 0.47 Per Kg
Lead Acid Battery£ 0.42 – 0.45 Per Kg
Mix Lead£ 0.81 – 1.06 Per Kg
PB Lead£ 1.00 – 1.06 Per Kg
Zinc Sheet£ 0.96 – 1.19 Per Kg
Zinc Alloys£ 0.74 – 0.86 Per Kg
Zinc Electrical Components£ 0.75 – 0.84 Per Kg
Mix Zinc£ 0.71 – 0.81 Per Kg
Note: These Prices are not 100% accurate; to get 100% accurate prices, visit your nearest scrap yard.

Ferrous Metals

Ferrous metals are less expensive than non-ferrous metals. But the ferrous metals have large scrap business in the market. People are also involved in buying and selling such metals. Let us take a single ferrous metal aluminum. It is widely used all over the world and is the main reason for the production of large amount of scrap.

The prices of all ferrous metals given below in the table: –



Stainless Steel£ 0.60 – 0.66 Per Kg
Stainless Steel 18/8£ 0.69 – 0.83 Per Kg
Stainless Steel 3/6£ 0.86 – 0.96 Per Kg
188 Stainless Steel£ 1.16 – 1.29 Per Kg
188 Stainless Steel 2£ 0.86 – 1.00 Per Kg
Iron Scrap£ 0.16 – 0.26 Per Kg
Mix Iron£ 0.15 – 0.23 Per Kg
Car Bodies£ 286 – 400 average price of scrap car
Engine Components£ 0.86 – 0.96 Per Kg
Electrical Motor£ 0.27 – 0.32 Per Kg
Electrical Circuit Board£ 0.16 – 0.23 Per Kg
Plastic£ 0.50 – 0.57 Per Kg
Plastic Mix£ 0.45 – 0.53 Per Kg
Note: These scrap metal prices are not 100% accurate; to get 100% accurate prices, visit your nearest scrap yard.

Copper, aluminium, steel, brass, bronze and lead are the most traded scrap metals in the UK. We took these metals as a hot selling scrap. Mostly scrap yards accept these metals and offers handsome prices.   

You will learn from the vast experience of our professional’s team. In this regard you will know how many factors affect scrap prices. We have price comparison based on every city of United Kingdom. It is very helpful for our visitors, all the data organized on this website.   

Scrap Copper Prices UK

The trend of scrap copper is higher in the UK’s markets. Copper is a precious metal and recyclable, which is plus point for this metal. Therefore, copper prices never experienced a major decline. Copper is a good conductor of electricity and it is also used in electrical appliances. Hence, the demand of copper always high due to these properties.

Scrap Aluminum Prices

Aluminium demand trending high in the market. Worldwide use of Aluminium is vast. Therefore, scrap aluminum is in high demand in the market. Aluminium is lightweight metal, due to these properties it is used in car frames, aero plane parts, window frames, and drink cans. The current scrap metal prices of aluminium scrap are given below:-

Scrap Brass Prices UK

Brass is an ancient metals and has been in use for over 1000 years. Brass is a heavy weight metal and has a vast uses. Mostly brass use in ammunition, plumbing, locks, musical instrument, electrical plugs and sockets. Brass is a recyclable metal, these characteristics increase the demand of brass scrap for recycling. Various scrap yards offer good rates for brass scrap.

Scrap Bronze Prices

Bronze is an alloy, which is a combination of copper and tin. Bronze used in the manufacture of various tools, architecture, bronze wool and sculptures. Current scrap prices of bronze given below: –

Steel Prices UK

Stainless steel is known for its corrosion resistance. Worldwide use of steel is vast. Most stainless steel utensils like as, dishwashers, cookers, sinks, grills and knives are made of steel. The scrap prices of steel given below: –  

Scrap Lead Prices

Lead is widely used. It is also used in plumbing fixtures, batteries, weights and ammunition. Widespreed use of lead generates large amount of scrap. UK’s lead scrap prices are in good position. The prices of lead scrap given below: –

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Scrap Iron Prices

Iron is a ferrous metal that occurs naturally in form of cores. Iron is widely used in various industries. Hundreds of products in our life are made of iron. The extensive use of iron produces large amount of scrap. Various products like as Trains & its parts, heavy vehicles & its parts, heavy industries parts and home appliances are made of iron. The scrap rates of iron given below: –

Electrical Scrap Prices UK

The precious metals like as copper wires, aluminium cables, circuit boards and various electronic devices are valuable resources for recycling. Copper is very important metal used in electronics worldwide. Widely used in electric wiring and high speed motor wiring. Production of electric vehicles is on rise now a days due to cost effectiveness. Broken or damage electric motors are selling at good prices in the UK. The scrap rates of electrical scrap given below: –

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Scrap Metal Prices UK by City



City to City Difference in Scrap Metal Prices

The scrap and recycling industry plays a vital role in the economy of the United Kingdom. Millions of tons of scrap metal are recycled annually. Scrap metal prices UK can vary considerably from one city to another city due to these factors: –

Location and Accessibility

Foundries and recycling facilities can significantly impact scrap metal prices. Scrap metal prices are different everywhere in the UK. They go up and down depending on your location and accessibility, where you are. These are the main reasons behind these differences.

Transportation Cost

Transportation cost is another main factor affecting the final price of scrap metals. It depends on the distance and cost of transportation. Cities with lower transportation costs may offer handsome prices to attract sellers.

Global Markets

Global economic conditions and international metal markets can affect local scrap metal prices. These factors, such as worldwide supply and demand and trade agreements, affect the prices that scrap yards are willing to pay.

Economic Conditions

The economic conditions of the current country may influence the prices of scrap metals. When construction and manufacturing activities increase, the waste of construction products like copper, iron, brass, plastic, etc., is generated, and these elements increase the demand for such metal scrap.


The scrap metal yards and recycling centers in a city can create Competition between buyers, resulting in excellent or handsome prices for sellers.

London Scrap Prices

As the UK’s largest city and economic hub, London offers the highest scrap metal prices to sellers due to its recycling facilities within the city. The carrying cost of scrap metals is very low, so the buyer offers the highest rate to the seller.

Birmingham Scrap Prices

Birmingham is the second largest city in the UK, and the construction and manufacturing industries are growing daily. There is a huge potential for recycling scrap, so the demand for scrap metals and related elements will be high. Demand and supply are directly proportional to each other. When the demand for any scrap metal goes too high, then the price of the metal goes up.

Manchester Scrap Prices

Manchester is the third-biggest city in the country, where buyers of scrap metals negotiate the latest prices according to their local market. Each city has its own different prices based on local demand.

Rural Areas and Smaller Cities Scrap Prices UK

Rural Areas and smaller cities face the problem of low prices of scrap metals due to low demand for scrap and the unavailability of recycling industries. Carrying costs affect prices in rural areas and smaller cities. Therefore, the prices in rural areas and smaller towns are low due to the low demand for scrap metals.

Scrap Metal Prices’ (FAQs)

It depends on the world’s economic condition and changes in demand and supply. When the price of petroleum increases, it affects the cost of transportation. When transportation costs increase, then prices of everything increase automatically due to a hike in transportation rents or services. Other factors, such as the country’s economic condition and political disorder, directly impact the prices of such goods. So, it is expected that scrap metal prices UK increase yearly due to unstable fuel prices in the global market.

Scrap metal prices UK give clear information about the current value of different types of scrap metals. These prices help people and indicate the current state of the scrap metal market. Sellers can use this information as a reference to negotiate better deals with buyers. Scrap metal dealers, buyers, recycler, and sellers can maximize their profits by using this information and staying updated on current prices. A business that depends on scrap can use scrap prices to manage price-related risks.

Some metals are the most expensive or highly paid. These are given below: –

  • Copper

Copper is one of the most highly paid metals to scrap; it exists in various forms, such as wire, electrical motors, pipes, and other home appliances. 

  • Aluminium

Aluminum is lightweight and commonly used in various elements, such as cans, household items, car components, and electrical materials’ bodies. It can be recycled hundreds of times, melted down, and used again without losing quality.

  • Brass

Another expensive metal is brass, used in bullets, plumbing fixtures, musical instruments, keys, and home decoration equipment; clean brass is valuable.

  • Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is valuable after recycling. It is primarily used in kitchen equipment and automobile decoration parts.

  • Lead

Lead is primarily used in batteries, pipes, and other equipment. It is profitable due to its heavy weight. 

While Bronze, Iron steel, and nickel are the less valuable scrap metals.

You can consider the following options to sell your scrap metals: –

  • Local Scrap Yards

Scrap yards are businesses whose primary goal is buying and recycling different types of scrap metal. Use a search engine or directory to find scrap yards near you. Then, visit the market to check the current scrap metal prices with its types and qualities to get an idea of what your materials are worth, and then sell them to a suitable scrap yard.

  • Online Scrap Metal Marketplace

Online scrap Marketplace where you can sell your scrap metals. Be aware when using online platforms and verify the credibility of buyers to avoid scams. 

  • Metal Recycling Centers

Metal recycling centers mainly accept all scrap metal. Use a search engine or directory to find metal recycling centers in your area. Then, find out if they accept scrap metal and what types they prefer.

  • Local Junk Yards

Local junkyards sell and buy used auto parts in scrap metals. You can sell automotive-related parts or junk cars.

  • Scrap Metal Pickup Services

Some companies offer to pick up scrap metal from your location. They may pick up heavy-weight or large quantities of scrap metal that are difficult to transport to the scrap yard.

The value of scrap metal varies depending on its type, quality, regional pricing, and market demand. Nonferrous metals are more valuable than ferrous metals. Scrap metal is bought and sold by weight. Scrapyards offer different prices, so it is advisable to check prices first before selling in the market.

The answer is that metal prices vary by metal grade or quality. The grade or quality of scrap metal can affect its value. High-grading metals mean high prices because they depend on their quality, while the different types have different values. Clean and pure metals also improve its grading.

Different types of scrap metals are commonly traded in the United Kingdom due to the large-scale recycling and processing industry. The most traded metals are given below: –

Ferrous Metals

  • The ferrous metals are steel and iron.

Nonferrous Metals

  • The nonferrous metals are copper, aluminium, brass, lead and zinc.

Scrap metal prices UK are affected by different types of factors; these factors are given below: –

  • Transportation Cost
  • Economic Conditions
  • Political Un-stability
  • Global Demand
  • Exchange Rates
  • Government Regulations
  • Weather & Natural Disaster
  • Seasonal Effects