Scrap Brass Prices UK

We are going to discuss scrap brass prices. This article will break down the different types of brass scrap, what makes its price go up or down, and a quick peek at what’s happening in the market with scrap brass prices history.

Clean Brass

£ 3.99 – 4.19 Per Kg

Mix Brass

£ 2.21 – 2.49 Per Kg

Brass Cutts

£ 3.76 – 4.00 Per Kg

Brass Rod

£ 3.66 – 3.96 Per Kg

scrap brass prices

Clean Brass Scrap Metal

Yellow Brass and Red Brass

Mix Brass Scrap Metal


Prices Per Kg

Clean Brass£ 3.99 – 4.19 Per Kg
Mix Brass£ 2.21 – 2.49 Per Kg
Brass Cutts£ 3.76 – 4.00 Per Kg
Brass Rod£ 3.66 – 3.96 Per Kg
Red Brass£ 3.12 – 3.70 Per Kg
Yellow Brass£ 3.10 – 3.29 Per Kg
Cartridge Brass£ 3.00 – 3.19 Per Kg
Brass Musical Instrument£ 3.00 – 3.12 Per Kg
Note: Scrap brass Prices are not 100% accurate; to get 100% accurate prices, visit your nearest scrap yard.

Scrap Brass Rate

Scrap brass is a valuable commodity in the recycling industry. Any metal’s prices vary from city to city. The trend of brass metal prices is high in the UK’s market. Brass is a highly paid metal after copper and aluminium. The prices of such metals depend on the market conditions, demand & supply and vary from city to city. Here, we will discuss in detail the types of brass scrap with prices.

Scrap Brass Prices Today

Scrap Brass Prices

There are four major types of scrap brass with brass prices UK given below: –

Yellow Brass

Yellow brass is commonly found in plumbing fixtures and hardware; it is composed of copper, zinc and a very small amount of lead. The average scrap brass prices of yellow brass is £ 3.10 – 3.29 per Kg.

Red Brass

Red brass is commonly found in valves. It is composed of a higher copper content. The scrap brass prices of red brass is £ 3.12 – 3.70 per Kg.

Mixed Brass

It is a mixture of different metals with brass. The price of mixed brass is £ 2.21 – 2.49 per Kg. The scrap brass prices of mixed brass can be high or low, depending on the understanding of the composition of the mixture.

Clean Brass

Clean brass is an unalloyed and pure or natural state of brass; it is normally found in shiny and good condition. The price of mixed brass is £ £ 3.99 – 4.19 per Kg. This type of brass requires less processing and can be recycled easily and efficiently.

Elements Impacting the Price of Scrap Brass

There are the following elements which are impaction on the scrap brass prices: –

Demand & Supply

The demand & supply of scrap brass play a vital role in determining the scrap brass prices. When the demand for scrap is high, it automatically goes too high, and when the supply goes too high, the demand automatically reduces, and then prices go down.

Economic Trends

Global economic conditions such as agreements and geopolitical uncertain events can affect scrap brass prices. 

Tips for Maximizing the Earnings

By following these steps, you can maximize your scrap brass prices: –


This is a process where we categorize brass items based on factors such as grade or quality and size. An example of sorting is separating brass from other impurities and types like red brass, yellow brass, clean brass, etc.


This is a process of removing tarnish, dirt and oxidation from brass surfaces. The purpose is to restore the brass to its original shine. The cleaning process takes place by using mild soap and commercial brass cleaners.

Brass Recycling

Recycling Infrastructure deeply impacts scrap brass prices. If the recycling facility is near to scrap yards, then the transportation cost will remain very low and efficient. Here, we will discuss in detail which factors impact on scrap brass prices and understand the dynamics of this sector. 


Efficient collection of scrap brass enhances the recycling process. Continuous supply of material to the recycling industry helps to stabilize the prices of scrap. 


The processing capacity plays a crucial role in pricing. Such a recycling industry equipped with advanced technologies enhances the capabilities of the recycling industry, which can handle larger volumes of scrap.

Transportation Cost

Transportation cost is one of the major factors which is also included in every commodity. It has a direct effect on the prices of products. 

Quality Control

Better quality control presence is very important for advanced recycling facilities. Its main purpose is to control the quality of output in the recycling center and raw materials that are coming for recycling.

Brass Scrap Metal

Brass is known for its attractive appearance, corrosion resistance and durability. Recycling of scrap brass helps to reduce the environmental impact of mining. Brass is used in different types of items like decorative purposes, plumbing fixtures and many more items due to its corrosion resistance and durability. Useless, unwanted, damaged and broken objects made of brass that are recycled for their metal content. This is a very huge quantity in our daily life. So, these scrap metals go to the scrap yard; after sorting according to the nature of the metals, these scrap metals are ready for recycling.

How Much Use of Brass in Our Life

Brass is essential for different products due to its golden, shiny surface and durability. Uses of brass in various fields are given below: –

Plumbing Fixture

Valves and plumbing fittings are mostly brass due to rust resistance and durability.

Brass Electrical Connectors

Electrical connectors are brass and used in electronic devices and appliances.

Brass Jewelry

Brass provides an affordable alternative to gold with its golden appearance. Therefore, brass is used in custom jewelry and accessories due to its color and shine.

Home Decoration

Brass is mainly used in home decorations like candle holders, chandeliers, picture frames, and vases.

Brass Car Parts

Various automobile parts are made of brass due to its corrosion resistance and durability. Here are some parts names given below: –

  • Bushings
  • Brake Calipers
  • Battery Terminals
  • Fuel Injector Nozzles
  • Brake Line and Fittings
  • Electrical Connectors
  • Ignition Components

Brass Decorative Items

Brass is also used in decorative items due to its perfect combination of properties; first is its attractive appearance, like golden shine & ability to shape quickly, and second is its durability. These properties make it a popular choice for various decorative applications; some everyday decorative items made from brass are given below: –

  • Figurines
  • Candle Holders
  • Vases
  • Picture Frames
  • Trays
  • Door Handles
  • Lamp and Lighting Fixtures

Brass Musical Instruments

Broken, outdated, and unwanted brass instruments are: –

  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • French Horn
  • Tuba
  • Cornet
  • Bugle

Shell Casing

The ammunition shell is mainly made of brass due to this metal’s corrosion resistance and durability.

Household Items

Brass is also used in households, such as door handles and locks.


Scrap brass, including yellow, red, clean, and mixed brass, holds significant value in the recycling industry. The prices of brass scrap vary from region to region or city to city and affect the prices with market conditions and demand & supply of the area. The scrap brass prices typically range from £2.21 to £4.19 per kg. However, the prices of scrap brass are based on the grading and qualities of the category. However, it is essential to note that scrap brass prices constantly fluctuate based on market conditions.

Efficient and effective recycling infrastructure plays a crucial role in determining prices. Collection, transportation cost, quality control, and processing capacity influence the market of scrap brass. Maximize earnings from your brass scrap by following these essential steps: sorting, cleaning, and maintaining the quality of the material to achieve maximum profit. The use of brass is more versatile and cheaper than other metals. For example, plumbing fixtures, electrical connectors, home decoration, automobile parts, musical instruments, and jewelry. It is essential to stay informed about market trends and know different scrap brass grades. Check the scrap brass prices before selling your brass scrap to any buyer or scrap yard.


Typically brass price is £ 2.21 – 4.19 / kg. But different types on the base of quality of brass have different prices.

1 kg worth of clean brass is £3.99 – £4.19 and mixed brass is £ 2.21 – £2.49.

No, prices of scrap brass are not stable; it depends on market conditions and demand & supply.

There are common grades of scrap brass: yellow brass (copper and zinc) and red brass (copper).

Scrap yards and recycling centers are familiar places to sell your brass scrap quickly. It is advised to you before selling your scrap to confirm prices from different buyers.

Yes, contaminants like other metals can lower the actual value of scrap brass. It is essential to separate other impurities from brass for reasonable prices.

Brass alloys primarily comprise copper and zinc; some may contain other metals like lead. It is essential to be aware of the composition of recycling.

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