Scrap Copper Prices

We are going to discuss scrap copper prices in the United Kingdom. This article will break down the different types of copper scrap, what makes its price go up or down, and a quick peek at what’s happening in the market. Copper scrap prices are given below: –

Bare Bright Copper

£ 4.35 – 6.85 Per Kg

Copper 1

£ 3.89 – 4.55 Per Kg

Copper 2

£ 3.49 – 3.89 Per Kg

Copper Tanks

£ 3.45 – 3.82 Per Kg

Braziery Copper

£ 4.16 – 3.29 Per Kg

Insulated Wire 1

£ 4.17 – 4.32 Per Kg

Insulated Wire 2

£ 4.10 – 4.21 Per Kg

Copper Pipe

£ 4.19 – 4.45 Per Kg

Scrap Copper Prices

Copper 1

Copper price per kg

Copper Tanks

Scrap copper prices are high in the UK due to its properties. It is a good conductor of electricity; therefore, copper is used in electrical appliances. Thus, the scrap copper prices are high.

Scrap Copper Prices Per Kg


Prices Per Kg

Bare Bright Copper£ 4.42 – 6.85
Copper 1£ 3.98 – 4.55
Copper 2£ 3.46 – 3.23
Copper Tanks£ 3.74 – 3.65
Braziery Copper£ 4.00 – 4.65
Copper Radiator£ 2.54 – 2.76
Copper Coil£ 4.46 – 4.86
Solid Copper£ 3.56 – 6.67
Copper Sheet£ 3.34 – 3.45
Mixed Copper£ 3.00 – 3.22
Copper Wire£ 4.33 – 4.43
Bare Copper Wire£ 4.34 – 4.54
Beryllium Copper£ 4.34 – 4.75
Note: Scrap copper prices are not 100% accurate; to get 100% accurate prices, visit your nearest scrap yard.

The Scrap mentioned above, Copper Scrap Prices UK, has been updated to date. However, the prices vary depending on the city in the United Kingdom. Here, we are providing exact price ranges of various types with the grading of copper because scrap copper prices fluctuate element, so we are providing updated prices of Copper with the efforts of our team. The Price of Copper per kg is given below its different types: – 

Bare Bright Copper Wire Scrap Price

Clean, unalloyed wire’s scrap copper prices range from £ 4.35 – 6.85 pounds per kg.

Scrap Copper Prices of Tubing

Alloyed and painted copper tubing’s scrap copper prices are around £ 3.89 – 4.55 pounds per kg.

Copper Radiator Scrap Price

Copper radiators are commonly used in vehicles; scrap copper prices of radiators are around £ 2.38 – 2.52 pounds per kg.

Insulated Copper Wire Scrap Price

Copper wire with insulation prices depends on the thickness and type of wire insulated. Copper wire’s scrap copper prices may range from £ 4.13 – 4.45 pounds per kg.

Copper Transformer Scrap Price

Copper transformer prices can vary in size and value. However, copper transformer scrap copper prices range from £ 4.10 to 4.19 pounds per kg.

Copper Sheet Scrap Price

Clean, unalloyed copper sheets and plates’ scrap copper prices are £ 3.40 – 3.56 pounds per kg.

Solid Copper Scrap Price

Clean unalloyed copper solid’s scrap copper prices are £ 3.48 – 6.50 or more pounds per kg.

Mixed Copper Scrap Price

This category includes a mix of copper and other materials; mixed copper’s scrap copper prices are £ 2.38 – 3.10 pounds per kg.

How to Copper Scrap Produced

Copper is the most traded item due to copper scrap value and multiple uses in different kinds of electrical equipment in our routine lives. When we use these kinds of metals in large amounts, then, ultimately, a large amount of scrap is produced and copper scrap value UK is also high.

Some metals remain at constant prices when these metals are scrapped: Copper, Brass Aluminum, etc. You can find the different scrap yards that are looking to purchase scrap copper with high rates according to their market rates. The rates/prices of Copper constantly fluctuate, so it is essential to check the actual copper scrap prices when you sell to copper scrap byers.

The other main factor that affects the cost of Copper is weight; the grading of Copper is based on its weight and quality. The opportunity to discover the Copper in the surrounding areas where you live. It can be in the form of scraps like old televisions, fridges, motors, fans, wires, coffee machines, air coolers, water coolers, air conditioners, dishwashers, computers & laptops, juicer machines, toasters, and much more.

The most commonly found best quality Copper in insulated wire is a highly demanded product in the market with high scrap copper prices. The global demand for Copper continues to grow due to its high usage and the copper scrap value per kg UK is going raise.

Types of Copper Scrap

Copper is the most used metal and comes in various types and forms with unique properties. Here are some types with its functions are given below: – 

Pure Copper

Pure Copper has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity; it is also highly used in electric wires and other electric-related products due to its excellent conductivity. This type of Copper is also used in the best and highest-performance machinery, such as computers, electric motors, and other digital products.

Copper Plating

Copper is commonly used for copper plating on other metals as a plating material to enhance their electric conductivity and reduce the use of Copper because Copper is a more expensive metal than others, so it is a solution to reduce the use of Copper. And this method is less costly.

Copper Wire

Copper is used in different diameter wires and insulation types, and such are given below: –

Bare Copper Wire

Uninsulated copper scrap cable also used for electric connections.

Enamel Coating Copper Wire

 Enamel-coating copper wire mostly used for winding motors and transformers.

 Tinned Copper Wire

Tinned copper wire is particularly useful in wastewater treatment facilities and projects exposed to excess gas, oil, and water.

Copper Sheets and Plates

Copper sheets and plates are available in different thicknesses and sizes. These sheets and plates are used for electrical grounding, roofing, and decorative purposes.

Copper Foil

These fragile copper sheets are used in electronics for printed circuit boards and electromagnetic shielding.

Copper Alloys

Copper alloys are a mixture of copper and other elements that enhance their properties in specific products. Common copper alloys are given below: –

Brass Alloy

Brass is an alloy of Copper and Zinc. Brass is known for its durability and golden appearance. It is commonly used in plumbing fixtures, musical instruments, and decorative elements.

Bronze Alloy

Bronze is an alloy of copper, while other elements, such as aluminium, silicon, and manganese, may be added. It provides strength, corrosion resistance, and attractive appearance. Bronze is used for coins and many other decorative elements.

Copper Nickel Alloys

Nickle silver is a copper alloy containing nickel and Zinc. It’s used for tableware, musical instruments, and decorative items.

Beryllium Copper

Beryllium copper enhances its strength and conductivity. It is also used in electrical connectors and springs.

Copper Value

Copper is a valuable item and has excellent conductivity in electricity. It plays an integral role in different types/scales of industries.

With its remarkable properties, copper scrap live prices or copper scrap value 2024 is high and copper plays a crucial role in modern society. It is primarily used to transmit power and data. It is mainly used in wiring for electricity in our homes and electric circuits in electronic devices; Copper is everywhere. 

Copper is used not only for transmitting power; it is a vital component in renewable energy technologies, like solar panels and wind turbines. But now, a significant role in electric cars and electric bikes, these vehicles & bikes are efficient and eco friendly and less expensive than others.

Economic Value

Copper’s economic value is very high. As a most important industrial metal, the demand for Copper is closely linked to economic growth. When the construction and infrastructure industry peaks, the demand for Copper will increase and boost the country’s economy.

Copper Scrap Metal

It depends on the use of any metal and how much it is used; if the use of any metal is high, then the rate of scrap production will be increased due to its use. Copper is the most abused element in the world due to its benefits. Here, we briefly discuss how scrap is produced.

When we are using different types of machinery like refrigerators, coffee machines, juicer machines, electric vehicles, fans, electric motors, etc., at the same time, different types of machinery going to burn due improper use or expire on the due date, a large amount of Copper is using in this machinery. Copper is a highly used item worldwide, producing large amounts as scrap. 

Copper 1

Copper 1 scrap is referred to as Bare Bright Copper. Bare Bright Copper is considered pure copper without any impurities, such as uncoated and unalloyed. This type of copper is highly paid for due to its high purity. It typically contains 99.9 % pure copper. Therefore, it is the most valuable grading method for different types of copper.

Copper 1 looks like as bright and shiny. Reddish/orange is a feature of pure copper. This type of copper is usually found in different diameters.

 Copper wire

Copper wire is primarily used in different kinds of electrical applications. It can be in various diameters and is highly valued by recyclers.

 Copper Piping

Copper piping is primarily used in plumbing systems. Copper pipes containing copper are mainly used in plumbing—clean and unalloyed copper tubing is used in plumbing and HVAC systems. Recyclers highly value it.

 Copper Sheets and Plates

Copper sheets and plates are copper due to purity. These sheets and plates are primarily used in electromagnetic fields and electrical circuits. 

Copper 1 scrap is known for its purity and unattachments of other metals. This type of metal is most valuable. It plays a vital role in efficient energy and waste reduction. Therefore, this is a valuable resource with high scrap copper prices, and it is in the recycling industry.

Copper 2

Copper 2 is considered less pure and graded than Copper 1. Copper 2 may contain copper alloys and coatings with other materials. Copper scrap grades and ranges are different in copper materials like wires, pipes, and other electrical materials. The color of copper 2 is reddish or orange.

Copper Insulation Wire 

Copper insulation wire is primarily found in cable and electrical applications. This category of Copper is found in wire with insulation.

Copper Tubing

Copper tubing is mainly used in plumbing for parts such as valves, solder, etc. These types of parts fall into the category of copper 2.

Mixed Copper 

Mixed Copper combines different types of metals, and this category falls into copper 2.

Copper Alloys

Copper alloys combine other metals like brass, bronze, etc.; this category falls into copper 2. Copper 2 grading is lower than copper one due to less purity and a combination of different metals. 

Copper Tanks

Copper tank scrap refers to recycled copper tanks that have reached the end of their useful life. Copper tank scrap is the most valuable item for the recycling industry and has high scrap copper prices.

Copper tanks contain pure copper, which is the reason for their value in scrap copper. The recycling process of copper is much easier than mining and refining for new copper. Therefore, copper is scraped, sold, and purchased at reasonable scrap copper prices.

It is an environment-friendly scrap. That’s why Copper recycling is much easier than other scrap metals. This process reduces the wastage of national reserves and helps boost the economy in case of minimum import of copper when a country has no reserve for such precious metals.

It is essential to ensure the quality of copper tanks. Is it clean and uncoated? Many people and businesses collect and sell copper tanks scrap and earn money. The scrap metal market offers an excellent financial incentive, an attractive option for individuals and companies.
Recycled copper from tanks can be used to manufacture new Copper-based products such as pipes, wire, electrical equipment, and other components.

Copper Scrap Wire

Copper wires and cables are valuable items in the scrap market. Copper wires are used everywhere, such as in-house electrical wiring, equipment wiring, etc. We can reduce mining by recycling and the cost incurred from this. It is a more efficient and cheap method to get high-quality Copper without impurities. Thousands of people are directly linked to this business and earn a good income.

Copper Solid

A material that contains Copper and is no longer in use is scrap. It can be in bars, sheets, plates, wires, and other electrical equipment. Copper solid scrap is highly valued in the recycling industry because it contains pure Copper, and its grading will be high.

 By recycling solid Copper, we can generate a massive amount of pure Copper. It can be used in various industries. It will be a cost-reduction method and work as a barrier for copper mining. Using this method, we can protect the reserves for the next generations.

Copper Coil

Copper coil is used in various applications, including transformers, electrical motors, and industrial machinery. Pure Copper 99.9 % is used in these coils, a highly valued item in the scrap market. These types of coils contain pure Copper for the best performance. Remember, copper coils with impurities like oil & paint can affect the grading of Copper and the actual price of Copper when you are selling or buying.

Copper recycling or copper scrap collection is an eco-friendly practice. It protects the natural resources and affects the production of primary Copper. The scrap metal buyer offers competitive prices for scrap copper coils. They are providing an excellent price to sellers. This type of metal has both environmental and economic benefits.

Scrap Copper Prices (FAQs)

Scrap is worth based on scrap quality; if scrap copper is alloyed, coated, and painted, then the scrap copper prices will be low. The copper price will be high if scrap is clean, without any coating, and alloys are made of other metals. Scrap worth depends on the grading or quality of Copper.

Copper worth depends on the type of copper used and its grading. Grading is based on the quality of copper. Many copper products are alloys of different metals with copper, and some are made with pure copper, so the worth of copper is based on its quality or grading. Good quality means reasonable scrap copper prices.

The answer is no because the scrap copper prices are different. It depends on the market and trade of products on national and international levels. Various factors influence the prices of products, like transportation costs, economic conditions, taxes, etc.

Scrap copper prices can vary depending on factors such as market demand, regional supply, and demand dynamics. However, copper is more expensive than brass, aluminium, steel and lead.

Yes, copper is extensively recycled. Copper recycling is economically and environmentally beneficial because of its high scrap value and the energy savings associated with recycling compared to extracting copper from ores.

The scrap copper prices in the UK are around £ 4.35 to £6.85 per kg. Remember that these prices vary based on market conditions and city to city.

Collect clean and shiny copper, remove all impurities and remove the coating of other materials from the copper.

Copper is expensive due to high demand in industries like construction and electronics.

Recognize copper by its distinctive reddish-brown color and high conductivity. Conduct a magnetic test; Copper is non-magnetic, distinguishing it from other metals.

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