Scrap Aluminium Price UK

Scrap aluminum is priced less than copper scrap and other metals. Scrap aluminum plays an essential role in the recycling industry. The demand for scrap aluminum is also high in the United Kingdom due to its use in different applications. Scrap aluminum prices constantly fluctuate in the market due to various factors like supply & demand, transportation costs, etc. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide to selling and buying aluminum scrap and to provide an awareness of current market prices and strategies.

Aluminium Extruded

£ 0.87 – 0.96 Per Kg

Aluminium Cast

£ 0.53 – 0.59 Per Kg

Aluminium Turnings

£ 0.22 – 0.25 Per Kg

Mix Aluminium

£ 0.19 – 0.23 Per Kg

aluminium scrap prices per kg UK

Extruded Aluminium Scrap Metal

Scrap aluminium wheels

Mix Aluminium Scrap Metal

scrap aluminium prices UK

Turning Aluminium Scrap Metal

scrap aluminium

Mix Aluminium Scrap Metal

The scrap aluminum prices are high due to the vast use & demand for this item.

Aluminium Price Per kg

Different types of Scrap Aluminium prices per kg are given below: –


Prices Per Kg

Aluminium Extruded£ 0.87 – 0.96 Per Kg
Aluminium Cast£ 0.53 – 0.59 Per Kg
Aluminium Turnings£ 0.22 – 0.25 Per Kg
Aluminium Plate£ 0.45 – 0.49 Per Kg
Aluminium Cans£ 0.65 – 1.39 Per Kg
Aluminium Sheet£ 0.19 – 0.21 Per Kg
Aluminium Radiator£ 0.18 – 0.21 Per Kg
Aluminium Wheels£ 0.24 – 0.27 Per Kg
Aluminium Foil£ 0.26 – 0.29 Per Kg
Aluminium Wire£ 0.17 – 0.19 Per Kg
Note: Scrap aluminium Prices are not 100% accurate; to get 100% accurate prices, visit your nearest scrap yard.

Aluminium Extruded Scrap Prices

The scrap aluminium price of extruded aluminium is £ 0.87 – 0.96 per kg. It can be in different shapes. These shapes are made by forcing aluminum through the die to create the required form. This type of aluminium can be recycled and used repeatedly through this process.

Aluminium Cast Scrap Prices

The scrap aluminum price of cast aluminium is £ 0.53 – 0.59 per kg. Cast Aluminium is a scrap material produced by casting aluminium into molds, and it can be in the form of rejected aluminum products during production.

Aluminium Turnings Scrap Prices

The scrap aluminium price of aluminium turnings is £ 0.22 – 0.25 per kg. These are small bits of aluminium generated during turning processes.

Aluminium Plate Scrap Prices

The scrap aluminium price of aluminium plate is £ 0.45 – 0.49 per kg. These types of plates are used in different industries like construction and manufacturing. Damaged plates can be recycled as scrap.

Aluminium Sheet Scrap Prices

The scrap aluminum price of a sheet is £ 0.19 – 0.21 per kg. Aluminium sheets can be recycled as scrap when they are not usable. Aluminium sheet use is versatile in different industries and products like food packing, sports cars & bikes, doors & windows, etc.

Aluminium Radiator Scrap Prices

The scrap aluminum price of the radiator is £ 0.18 – 0.21 per kg. The aluminum radiator can be used as scrap when it cannot be used. It is mainly used in the cooling systems for cars, buses, and trucks.

Aluminium Foil Scrap Prices

The scrap aluminum price of Aluminum Foil is £ 0.26 – 0.29 per kg. When it is no longer usable, it goes to scrap for recycling. It’s often melted down and repurposed to new foil and other aluminium products. It is also used to produce new aluminum products.

Aluminium Wire Scrap Prices

The scrap aluminum price of aluminum wire is £ 0.17 – 0.19 per kg. Aluminum wire is mainly used in electrical wiring and other applications. Aluminum wire has less conductivity than copper wire. Useless aluminum wires and cables can be recycled and used for new aluminum products.

Aluminium Wheels Scrap Prices

The scrap aluminium price of Aluminium wheels is £ 0.24 – 0.27 per kg. Useless and broken aluminium wheels are a common source of scrap. They are valuable for recycling and can be used in different aluminium products after recycling.

Aluminium Cans Scrap Prices

Aluminum cans price is £ 0.65 – 1.39 per kg. Tin packs or metal cans of drinks and food are a common source of scrap. It can be recycled and used for various products.

Aluminium Scrap Value

Aluminum is one of the most versatile metals used worldwide. It is also used in airplanes, automobiles, electrical equipment, and construction materials. As a result, there is a large amount of aluminum waste in the form of scrap.

Scrap Aluminium Price

Every year, large amounts of aluminum scrap are produced. It can be in the form of used beverage cans, vehicle parts, doors & windows, electrical material & electrical wire. During manufacturing and construction, these materials are rich sources of aluminum that can be recycled and used to produce new aluminum products. This process plays a vital role in the country’s economy, and it also helps to reduce the import of aluminum.

Aluminium Scrap Recycling

Aluminum scrap is a crucial item for the recycling industry. Recycling aluminum requires less energy for extract; recycling aluminum saves up to 95% of the energy required, this plus point making it economically advantageous.

Due to its light weight and various excellent properties, aluminum is versatile in multiple industries. Aluminum is used as a metal all over the world, and hence, a large amount of scrap is generated. However, aluminum production from mining is expensive and has a high environmental impact. We will briefly discuss the aluminum recycling process along with its economic and ecological benefits.

  • Collection of Aluminium Scrap: Aluminum recycling starts with used aluminum products such as beverage cans, food containers, automotive parts, household items, and building construction materials. Aluminum recycling relies on efficiently collecting aluminum scrap.
  • Sorting of Aluminium Scrap: After collecting the aluminum scrap, the next process is sorting. In this process, aluminum products are separated from other materials such as plastic, glass, iron, and steel scrap. Advanced technologies are used in this process, including magnetic separators, air classifiers, eddy current separators, etc.
  • Cleaning of Aluminium Scrap: After sorting, the collected aluminum scrap undergoes a cleaning process to remove contaminants such as oil, dirt, and coatings. This process aims to obtain the maximum level of pure aluminum.
  • Shredding: After cleaning the aluminum scrap, the shredding process is the next phase, and the aluminum scrap is broken into small pieces. This process is done with heavy shredder machines, which are very fast.
  • Melting of Aluminium: The cut aluminum is ready to be melted in the furnace. The melting process occurs in the high-temperature range of 600 to 800 degrees Celsius. The molten aluminum is carefully cleaned to remove all remaining impurities. This step is critical to obtaining high-quality recycled aluminum.
  • Casting of Aluminium: Molten aluminum is poured into ingots. These nuggets are easy to transport and are delivered to manufacturers to produce new aluminum products.

Aluminium Scrap’s Demand & Supply

The demand for aluminium scrap is high due to its low-cost recycling and eco-friendly metal. It is also used in the aerospace, automobile, and construction industries; it is less weighted and used to meet sustainability goals and reduce carbon footprint.

Market Prices

Scrap aluminum prices constantly fluctuate in the market. It generally has a monetary worth. The aluminium scrap prices depend on the quality and quantity of the scrap. Clean aluminum scrap has a reasonable price, while alloy aluminum scrap with other metals has lower prices than clean aluminum scrap.

Environmental Effects

The recycling of scrap aluminum reduces the mining for searching of such metal. It is a cost-reduction formula that is important in securing the environment.


Scrap aluminium is an essential item in recycling due to its demand. Prices of scrap aluminium fluctuate based on these factors: supply & demand and grading based on the quality of the material. Recycling aluminium saves energy and eco-friendly items. Prices of such items vary from region to region. Transportation costs may increase the prices of such items. 


Aluminum is actually waste aluminum materials; it can be in the form of cans, aluminum products, and automobile parts. It can be recycled and used again and again, making it a valuable metal.

The collection and separation of aluminum scrap is a crucial part of this process, which involves separating pure aluminum from other metals. Clean scrap is more valuable; removing paint and coating enhances the value of the scrap. In this regard, local scrap yards also offer a good price for clean scrap.

Aluminum remains in a fluctuating position, and prices go up and down daily. So, stay informed about aluminum prices daily.

Clean and sort your aluminum scrap, removing non-aluminum materials such as paint, coating, plastic, and steel to maximize earnings.

For a handsome income, you can sell scrap aluminum at local scrap yards and recycling centers, and some businesses offer pickup services.

Yes, prices vary from region to region due to transportation costs, and current market conditions, like supply and demand, also affect them.

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